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Kathy Kelly and David Smith-Ferri read from Battlefield without Borders

David Smith-Ferri and Kathy Kelly of Voices for Creative Non Violence have been sharing their poetry with us. In this segment we each read a poem by David Smith-Ferri from his book, Battlefield without Borders. We hear, 'Blood at the Wrist' then, 'The Eyes of These Two Children' and finally, 'They Reach Us'. Three poems about Iraqi war victims.

David Smith-Ferri's book, 'Battlefield Without Borders' is available at his web page and 12 of the 14 dollar sale price goes to the Iraq Victims Fund set up to provide direct aid.

David and Kathy invite listeners to contact them with creative ideas on how to help Iraq War victims. Finally, Kathy Kelly shares some inspirational thoughts about continuing on to help victims of the Iraq War in spite our feelings of despair at the way things have been going. We can borrow courage...she says and from the Iraqis themselves.

Here are two people who have found a way through the politics of confusion. An uplifting and heroic team. We are grateful to them for spending time with us at Talk Nation. See battlefieldwithoutborders, and for further information.


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by Dori Smith, WHUS producer